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The Perfect Bowl

When you make bowls for a living, you come to appreciate nuances about bowls, and if possible, become something of an expert on bowls!   The truth is, anyone who has the opportunity to enjoy a meal from a lot of different bowls, or wash a variety of different bowls, or perhaps prepare a meal and cook with a set of different bowls, as well as put different bowls in the cupboard, all will have developed some level of appreciation for certain aspects of bowls.  Capacity.  Shape.  Weight.  Sturdiness.  "Tactileness". Heft.  Stability.  "Stackiness".  Cleanliness.  How easy a spoon captures that last drop in the "bottom-ness".   (See . . . YOU ARE an expert too!)

We've come to believe that ounce-for-ounce, our Sea Urchin Bowls are in fact, The Perfect Bowl, and here's why we have come to that conclusion.

Capacity:  Hot soup or chowder never tasted so good as when ladled from our handcrafted porcelain Sea Urchin Bowls!  The 8 ounce size of this bowl is also perfect for a large scoop of ice cream on that perfect summer beach day, or warm bowl of New England clam chowder when the Nor'easter blows through.  In every season, our Sea Urchin Bowls will serve you well.   (Our Six Ounce "Medium" version of this Bowl and our Four Ounce "Small" version of this bowl are also available under separate listings in our online store and just as delicious!)  To the lip of each bowl measures exactly 8 fluid ounces. We've enjoyed using this bowl because it is so versatile! Soup. Latte. Ice cream. Cereal. Oatmeal. And because its a perfect 8 ounces it can be used as your measuring "cup" when experimenting with that latest recipe.

Shape:  Our design approach started with a sea urchin specimen we purchased at a shell shop on the Oregon coast.  We took this fantastic sea urchin natural specimen, and began a sculpture which was inspired by its spiny and bumpy skin.   We wanted to make sure every natural bump and spiny protrusion was authentically captured in our sculpture, because we thought "touch" should be as important as "taste" when using a bowl.   And then for finishing design touches, we "improved on Mother Nature" by creating a base and lip to complete the perfect bowl.  It fits in your hand perfectly, and it sits on the table perfectly!

Weight:   The porcelain bowls are 4" diameter and 2" tall, and due to the incredible strength of porcelain we are able to make the body of this bowl thin and lightweight.  It is nearly weightless in your hand at a mere average weight of 3.6 ounces, and this is another reason we can say ounce-for-ounce this is the most perfect bowl!

Sea Urchin Bowl - 4 oz

Sea Urchin Bowl - 4 oz

"Stackiness":   You can see from the photo that our Sea Urchin Bowls do stack wonderfully, and behave nicely in your cupboard by making room for others!

Eco-responsible:  Our studio, our kilns, and our computers are all powered by 100% renewable energy sources including wind power, hydro, and other energy reclamation projects that we invest in with our local power company.  So not only are our products proudly "Made in USA", but they are done with an eye to being responsible and sustainable as we pursue our craft and our products.  So when you share a meal with a friend and show them the backstamp on the bottom of our Sea Urchin Bowl that proudly says "Made in USA Salem, Oregon" by Beyond Jordan you'll be able to share more than a meal . . . you'll be able to share a story and a future with them.

In summary, we think our Sea Urchin Bowl is "the perfect bowl". . . and we think you will also!  Try one Sea Urchin Bowl here, or here if you'd like a set of four Sea Urchin Bowls.

Bon app├ętit!

Jay & Jan

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