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Artistry in our Process

We sculpt each design with painstaking care starting from sketches and from natural specimens.

Most of our design concepts arise out of a conversation between us over a meal as we think about what kind of bowls, plates. platters, and centerpieces would we want to design and hand-craft to be a small part of what helps the next generation remember their precious “family and friend time” together?  

What natural elements can we accentuate and dramatize to create a unique work of art that will start conversations for generations to come? Those are the kind of questions that usually begin our designing process.


After each new design is completed, we produce each piece, one-at-the-time, and as a result, each one enjoys its own unique slight variations and its own “personality”. . . . sort of like a family member where there is clearly a resemblance and “belonging” to one another, but each one is slightly different and endearing as it compliments the other members. Truly each one is a work of art!

We hope that our artwork is the centerpiece and focal point for the most memorable meals that celebrate the most important moments you enjoy among family and friends during your life’s journey.