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Sea Urchin Tea Set on Grandmother's Buffet

Porcelain Teacups surround a Made in USA Porcelain Teapot in the sunlight

Porcelain Teacups surround a Made in USA Porcelain Teapot in the sunlight

Oregon is well known for its gray skies and rainy days throughout the winter and spring, but at this one magical moment yesterday afternoon there was a ray of sunshine at just the time when I was walking through the dining room during a quick lunch break from studio work with my iPhone to capture the moment.  

The moment of sunshine only lasted about 30 seconds, but this image captured many years of "made in USA" history.  The mahogany dining room set was made mid-20th century, the leaded glass lamps and platter were created about 100 years ago, the crocheted articles even before that, and the hand crafted porcelain teacups and teapot may still have been cooling from being taken out of our studio's kilns.  

American craftsmanship was evident in every piece!  Precise seams, lustrous finishes, textural integrity, flawless function, and lasting beauty: every piece of functional artwork truly an heirloom.  So when we say "heirloom quality", this photo captured the essence of what we mean when in a brief moment, the world stood still with a ray of sunshine illuminating over a hundred years of functional artistic expression centered on our dining room with grandmother's buffet and Beyond Jordan Studio's Sea Urchin Teapot and accompanying Seahorse and Sea Urchin Teacups.  

On some future rainy day, we can't wait to tell our grandchildren the stories each of these pieces of functional artwork hold.  Its this commitment to legacy that we create our porcelain artwork, and we invite you to review this, and all our other designs, which we handcraft to be your next heirloom quality keepsake.

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