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Sea Inspired and Ocean Themed Tableware - White Porcelain Shell Serving Platter Collection


Scallop Shell Three Section White Porcelain Serving Platter

With miniature clam shell dipping bowls integral to the design and supporting three scallop shell serving plates all in one delicious platter, our beautiful porcelain shell platter will be the center of every party!








Starfish Five Section White Porcelain Serving Platter

A unique starfish platter with five distinct service wells for condiments, cheeses, olives, and other "finger food"; perfect for starting conversations at party gatherings.  More about our handcrafted porcelain Five Section Starfish Serving Platter at this link.








Clam Shell Corner Tri-Oval White Porcelain Serving Platter

Sometimes a clean backdrop to a stunning culinary presentation is what the recipe calls for.  This serving platter is what you're looking for.   More about our porcelain Clam Shell Serving Platter at this link.









Seahorse and Starfish White Porcelain Serving Platter

One of our most popular serving platters joins two of our favorite nautical characters:  the Seahorse and the Starfish.  A versatile and functional shell serving platter for every beach themed gathering.   More about our Seahorse and Starfish Serving Platter.