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Sea Urchin Bowls


Hot soup or chowder never tasted so good as when ladled from our Sea Urchin Bowls! We took a sea urchin, made a mold of its spiny and bumpy skin and then “improved on Mother Nature” by creating a base and lip to complete the perfect bowl.

To the lip of each bowl measures exactly 8 fluid ounces. We’ve enjoyed using this bowl because it is so versatile! Soup. Cereal. Oatmeal. And because its a perfect 8 ounces it can be used as your measuring “cup” when experimenting with that latest recipe.   The bowls are 4″ diameter and 2″ tall. They do stack wonderfully, and would make a great addition to any nautical themed dinnerware set.

And, each one has a backstamp on the bottom that proudly says “Made in USA Salem, Oregon” by Beyond Jordan.

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