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Shell Tunes!


If you, or someone you know, loves music and has an iPhone4 or 4s, this might be the most unique and perfect gift in the marketplace right now.


This gorgeous creation combines the beauty of our porcelain Nautilus Shell Vase with the functionality of an acoustic amplifier (in other words, natural sound amplification without using electricity).

And, with a small hole crafted into the bottom side, it provides a rudimentary “docking station” to recharge your iPhone4 allowing your charging cord to be slipped up and through the porcelain body to connect with your iPhone4 or 4s.

This Nautilus Shell makes a striking statement in home or office without the iPhone “docked”, as well as when it is connected and playing your favorite tunes.

We asked one of our customers, Holly from San Diego, to test this design recently and she says -

“That is so cool! Good job! It is definitely louder and has a sound quality that works really well, especially for certain kinds of music (live albums, acoustic guitar, and what I think of as chill out music – Carlos Nakai, Enya, Pink Martini, Jolie Holland, Andrew Bird, Bebel Gilberto, Jake Shimabukuro, etc.)”

Make someone very happy (maybe yourself!) with this dual purpose design: Shell Vase art piece and Sound Shell amplifier.

Enjoy deeper, richer, and louder sound quality NATURALLY with this gorgeous design.  

* iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.   ** iPhone and recharging cord is NOT included !

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