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Firing and Packaging - Like Christmas Morning!


At a top temperature of 2,167 degrees, the entire studio is heated by the final firing of our porcelain designs in our kilns!  Which is a great thing in the winter, but not so much in the summer. . .


There is a precision to the firing, which is computer controlled and compensates for the size of the item, how many items are in the kiln, and the density of how we loaded the kiln.  And there is an art to the firing, as we can adjust many variables related to the ramping up of temperature, holding of temperatures, and the “warm-up” of gradually increasing the temperature to help the glaze bond to the porcelain.  Firing is where art and science come together in a beautiful way!

Each morning is like Christmas when we come into the studio, open the kilns as though they were a gift wrapped package, and peer into the super-heated air to see how our creations came through the firing process.  Then after cooling of course, we gift wrap our products and send them to you.  We hope it’s like Christmas morning for you  when our designs are received and opened!


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