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Who shall I ask to the dance?


We usually make our Seahorse and Sea Urchin Teacups in batches of 12 or 18.  And each one is slightly different!  A thinner edge here, a more twisted tail there, slightly out-of-round here and there . . . they all have their own personality and we just love that they are each unique!   

After the low-fire (bisque fire), we stage them for the glazing table and this photo reminded us of the Virginia Reel with each teacup facing one another and choosing a partner.  Except . . . after this stage, they are separated during glazing and then high-firing (2167 degrees) and there's no telling who they'll go down the aisle with (to the UPS truck)!  

This is because, in the last stage of our process, we match up the two "best" mates based on color, thickness, shape, and attitude (based on the Seahorse's facial expressions :-) ). in order to give you a truly matched set of porcelain teacups.    

We think its important who is asked to the dance, and when they arrive, we want to make sure your table agrees its the perfect match! 



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