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Top 10 Reasons to merchandise Beyond Jordan Studio products in our customer's stores:

1.  Our designs are beautiful.   (and functional, and versatile, and affordable elegance.)

2.  Our designs sell-through.  We receive reorders.  We have a loyal following.

3.  Our pricing is set up to achieve more than keystone margins for retailers.  

4.  We hand-craft our porcelain artwork from start to finish, thus "Made in USA"

5.  We are committed to environmentally responsible power and production techniques.  We're "Green".

6.  Our products are porcelain and of heirloom quality.   The next generations will be proud to own, use, and display our artwork.

7.  Every piece is made by hand, with variability unique to handcrafted artwork, and yet we guarantee satisfaction when the retailer receives and inspects our delivery.  

8.  We, the owners and artists, are active and engaged on social media which helps create a community and exchange of creative design input from customers and consumers.

9.  When a brick & mortar retailer, bounded by geography, time, and space makes the commitment to invest and support our designs, we are likewise committed to helping that retailer protect that investment in any way we possibly can.

10.  There are many other beautiful tableware and home decor collections, but when our designs are included in the presentation they "Make Your Table Dance!".