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Tea Set - Sea Urchin and Seahorse (Set of 3)

sold out

Tea Set - Sea Urchin and Seahorse (Set of 3)


Does nature imitate art?  Recently, while at Cannon Beach on Oregon's majestic Pacific Northwest coast for this photo I juxtaposed our white porcelain teapot set (our Sea Urchin Teapot and two porcelain Seahorse Teacups) against the incredible "Haystack Rock".  So I ask again, doesn't nature imitate art?

I've combined our two best selling items into one tea set for a natural combination that offers a little savings on both the purchase and the freight, compared to when they are bought separately.  

Please see each item individually for complete descriptions of this white porcelain ceramic Tea Set.  (Sea Urchin Porcelain Teapot.  Sea Urchin & Seahorse Porcelain Teacups.)  

One of our customers in Australia described our Sea Urchin and Seahorse Teacup very well as follows:

"I adore these beautiful teacups and love drinking my tea from them. Jay was really organised, friendly & helpful when responding to my questions. A lot of care was taken in packing to protect the teacups and get them to me safely, which I really appreciate. The teacups are just lovely, beautifully textured and so feel really nice when holding them, they hold a larger than normal amount of tea so a big tick here , the seahorse handle is generous in size & design beautifully detailed and easy to grip. I will be buying again soon and highly recommend buying from Beyond Jordan. - Faye"

This porcelain Tea Set listing is for a set of 3 pieces:  the porcelain Sea Urchin Teapot along with two porcelain Sea Urchin and Seahorse Teacups.   See our separate listing for our Teacups.

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