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Porcelain Sea Urchin Bowl - 8 oz (Set of 4 bowls)

Sea urchin bowl with buttons
Sea Urchin Bowl
Sea urchin bowl with buttons
Sea Urchin Bowl
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Porcelain Sea Urchin Bowl - 8 oz (Set of 4 bowls)


Cast from an original sea urchin shell, we've transformed this natural beauty into a gorgeous fully functional porcelain bowl by "improving on Mother Nature".  All details of this bowl follow below.

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Our Sea Inspired Shell Bowl Design Inspiration

Our design approach for our porcelain Sea Urchin Bowl started with a sea urchin specimen we purchased at a seashell shop on the Oregon coast.  We took this fantastically detailed natural sea urchin specimen, and began a sculpture which was inspired by its spiny and bumpy skin.   We wanted to make sure every natural bump and spiny protrusion was authentically captured in our sculpture.  And then for finishing touches, we "improved on Mother Nature" by creating a base and lip to complete the perfect sea urchin bowl. 

Sea Urchin Bowl : The Right Size Shell Bowl for Nuts (and More!)

In addition to being the perfect size nut bowl for every holiday occasion, we think hot soup or chowder never tasted so good as when spooned from our handcrafted porcelain Sea Urchin Bowls!  The 8 ounce size of this sea inspired bowl is also perfect for a large scoop of ice cream on that perfect summer beach day, or warm bowl of New England clam chowder when the Nor'easter blows through.  These porcelain shell bowls also make excellent fruit bowls to liven your nautical themed dinnerware setting.  In every season, our Sea Urchin Bowls will serve you well.   (Our Six Ounce "Medium" version of this Sea Urchin Bowl and our Four Ounce "Small" version of this Sea Urchin Bowl are also available under separate listings and just as delicious!)

To the lip of each bowl measures exactly 8 fluid ounces. We've enjoyed using this sea urchin inspired bowl because it is so versatile! Soup. Latte. Ice cream. Cereal. Oatmeal. And because its a perfect 8 ounces it can be used as your measuring "cup" when experimenting with that latest recipe.

The porcelain white bowls are 4" diameter and 2" tall. They do stack wonderfully, and would make a great addition to any nautical, beach, or ocean themed dinnerware set. 


Sea Urchin Bowl : Handcrafted Porcelain Made in USA

Each porcelain bowl has a backstamp on the bottom that proudly says "Made in USA Salem, Oregon" by Beyond Jordan.

This listing is for a set of 4 (eight ounce) porcelain Sea Urchin Bowls.  If you are looking for smaller shell bowls, we do have a Six Ounce "Medium" version of this Bowl and a Four Ounce "Small" version of this bowl available as well.

All our designs are Microwave and Dishwasher safe.  Sea Urchin Bowl handcrafted in our Salem, Oregon studio, one-at-the-time with loving care.


Environmentally Responsible Studio Production - (We're "Green")

Since we began, all our studio production has been "green".  We promote eco-sustainable studio practices such as 100% Renewable Energy usage (Zero Carbon Footprint), extensive recycling, use of locally produced raw materials, and bio-degradable packaging and shipping materials, as well as complex cool air ventilation systems taking advantage of our ultra-clean Oregon air to refresh our studio's space.


Handcrafted in USA

We make each piece.   It is a process filled with love and attention and expectation that what we make will be used on your table, daily, in the times that matter most with friends and family.  We expect our artistry will start conversations for generations to come, and so we take time and care in the creation of each one of our designs.  

Our studio in Salem, Oregon once was a vocational trades & technical schoolhouse located in Portland during the 2nd half of the 20th century.  We've converted it to a sunlit filled art and production studio.  Our hope is that the tradition of Made in USA quality and heartfelt practical artistry is reflected in each piece we handcraft for you.

Over 100 "5-Star" Reviews 

On our Etsy store (exclusively handcrafted products website) we have earned over 100 "5-Star" Reviews for our products and services which may be helpful for you as you evaluate your cake decorating ideas.   We offer the same designs for purchase there at the same prices as well.

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Purchasing your set of four (4) Sea Urchin Bowls (8 oz ea)

And finally, we would invite you to acquire our handcrafted Sea Urchin Bowls and have provided the click "Add to Cart" above to make your purchase.  (We are in stock year around on this design and ship within a couple of business days . . . and can gift wrap upon request.  We will email you UPS tracking information upon shipment.)

Our policy is that you are thrilled with your purchase and if for any reason you are not, we will issue refund and return UPS at our expense, no questions asked.  We handcraft each one of these pieces in joy, we believe they should bring only joy to those who receive them! 

PS:  This design is often purchased with our Clam Shell Bowl, Seahorse & Starfish PlatterWave Dinner Plate, and Seahorse Napkin Rings.

sea urchin ad with clams